Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quilts, Blocks,Iris and Fred.

When I was at the work shop in Bendigo last week I was given these lovely baby quilts and flannel knee quilt bu Carol K. they are lovely carol. thanks again.

 These very intricate quilts were donated by Rich River Quilters and friends  from up Echuca way.There is a lot of time gone into these quilts.
Look at the fussy cutting of the fabric in this huge bed quilt.It is truely striking. This is also from the Rich River Quilters. Thank-you all for your kind donation.

At the P.O. today I picked up this package of 79 blocks from
  The Southern Quilters Finishing School.

This is a very interesting collection of blocks for us to work on.

Here are some more.There is a set of baby blocks ,about 12Jacobs ladder blocks railfence blocks and much more.

This set of Applique blocks are also going to be fun for someone tomorrow. Thank-you to Cheryl N and the "girls"  from The Southern Quilters Finishing School in Sydney N.S.W.

Last but not least for today here is a photo of Iris B.

My friend who has been learning how to use "Fred" my Gammill with Statler Sitcher. Iris has enough knowledge now to help me with the quilting of the flood quilts.This one was donated by Heather P from Bendigo. Thanks girls.. See outside the window it is raining again.

Pictures are back on the agenda!!

 Ah have worked it out.  here is the lovely top,back and pillowslip from Avalon. It is so pretty.
This quilt was made by Carol  Mc'G of Great Western and donated through Stawell Quilters,Victoria. beautiful quilting on a domestic machine. thank-you

Another one from Stawell quiltersa nice mans quilt. For some reason this one appeals to me very much.
This georgous I spy quilt will make some little person very happy. Nice and bright too!!

How about this lovely GFG quilt done in strips. All are nicely quilted.Thank-you once again to the Stawell Quilters.
Now I am off to the P.O. 

New Quilts Arrive.

Hi all.
I received a package from Avalon  Boullt of Phoenix Az.USA with a beautiful soft ponk,green and cream rail fence top ,matching backing and pillow case .It is just georgous. i have taken photos woth my new motorola defy mobile and am stumped at how to download the photos to the computer I will need to check it out tomorrow and post the pics then. Avalon said on her lovely card she was referred by Statler Sister Joanie, thank-you Avalon and Joanie.

Yesterday -Saturday - I had a visit from Lyn Kellar President of Stawell Quilters. Lyn had seen our quest on Southern Cross Qilters and the group decided because her son lives in Majorca and grandson goes to the Carisbrook primary school, they would like to help us out. Lyn delivered 4 complete quilts to me.I will also upload those photos as soon as I know how. I am a bit techniclly challenged as you may have worked out by now.  I will give it another try .

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tools of the Trade.

I knew I had these photos somewhere. This is Lee and Ian from the Quilters Patch at Maldon with the selection of goodies for Jenny. I have another one of them looking up
There now we can see more than the top of their heads.When I saw Jenny today she was still very excited.
No parcels today, but quilted a top that was donated by Kaye and delivered it for binding. Received a donation of $90.00 for a roll of backing fabric from Janine.Thank-you janine.


Wednesdays Workshop

I went to Bendigo on Wednesday and joined a workshop with Strathdale Quilters who had gifts of their own for us. They had completed quilts and fabrics from
Here we have Glad trimming up blocks and Bonnie cutting sashings while Sue "supervises".

Two ladies getting set up for a good says sewing and friendship. In the foreground is Dianne.
A group of ladies busy sewing away.Look at the line of sewing machines.

Sorry girls,couldn't resist this one. If I knew how to use photoshop I would have added smiley faces. LOL.
These three ladies are sorting out blocks into quilt tops which you will see finished  in later photos.

Here is one right now. We combined 2 sets of blocks and added a border. Isn't it nice?
This beautiful butterfly pinwheels amd 4 patch blocks made a lovely quilt .Thank you Shasta lilies.

Another quilt top coming together. It was lunch time but some people didn't want to stop.
This is more like it girls. Get those engines revving.
More ladies hard at work. There were ladies sorting blocks into groups in 3 separate rooms then coming back to sew them These 2 ladies are cutting up sashings.

Poser!! We had such fun.

Suzanne in the foreground and Carol hard at work
Don't these three look like they were up to something? They were !! making quilt tops.LOL.

Arent these beautiful? The one on the left has now got a border as well.Two very different but both very nice sampler quilts.Thanks girls.
Do you recognise these beautiful blocks? Glad trimmed them down and cut sashings and I think Shirley sewed them together.Forgive me if I am wrong. but is is a very sweet baby quilt.

Here we have two sets of blocks combined in a pleasing combination with a border added to make a nice sized top. the ladies are one of my followers -Jorja's nanna and President Carol.
It was Strathdale Quilters Guild day today and President Carol emailed me before to say  that 3 quilts came in today already finished from what was taken home yesterday.Also another 3-4 completed tops which will await my pick-up next week. thank-you girls for sharing a lovely day.
A gift for a quilter
 I called in to  see Lee and John  at the Quilting Patch at maldon on the way home from Melbourne and picked up a beginners pack for Jenny who has lost all her sewing and quilting  items.
Here is a photo of Jenny receiving her gift.
there is a new Olfa mat, rotary cutter,61/2" x 24"  ruler,  2 pairs of scissors,tape measure ,berry pins, and a pkt of sewing needles value approx $140.00 Jenny was blown away.

I did take a photo of Lee and John too but it has dissapeared into cyber space. Lee has offered more kits to quilters who have lost their "tools of trade" I will be sure to get another photo. Thank-you to Lee for helping in another very real way.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working Bee in Maryborough

Today we had our first working bee in Maryborough. I took along the box from Holly Potvin  of Bears Paws Quilting. and some other blocks donated by ladies in W.A. and other parts of the USA and Australia.
Carolyn did a wonderful job of sorting blocks into quilt tops. Lyn not pictured sewed borders on half of these blocks and now we have a vibrant quilt top ready for quilting. Denise is sorting out some bears paw blocks and Jenny is manipulating a blue set.  In the far background is Kaye putting a border on the top to make it a little bigger. Carolyn designed and sorted all day. Her eye for what to make of things is really good.You did a great job Carolyn.
Carolyn and Vl re setting out the blocks and Val is sewing the top together.The colours were strking

Denise is going off to get lunch and Lynette is cutting out sashings in the kitchen.See the piles of sorted blocks into tops on the bench?
Lynette is putting together some light and bright crazy pieced blocks alternating with some plain yellow squares. Lynette took this one and 2 others home to do during the week.

Lyn is getting a quilt top together to take home and finish off.

This is me doing what I like best Supervising.LOL. Not really ! We got most of the blocks into sets and the girls took home a couple each to work on. We put borders on 3 tops and completed 3 tops from scratch. I have 5 sets to drop off at my nieces tomorrow to go to Pyramid Hill to a workshop.Not much left in that box now. We have done well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christ Church

My darling daughter Libby and her fianc'e Steve live in Christ Church. At the last report they are both okay. Libby has made it home to their house and dog and all seems to be okay  at first glance. Steve had not reached home and they had only caught up on facebook to  let each other know that they were alright.  No mobile or phone connunication.They both work in different parts of Christ Church. I pray that they are together would be terrifying for Libby to be on her own tonight. My friend has just heard that her son is ok. Please keep them in your thoughts.

More Shasta Lily blocks

I had to run off to a workshop this morning and will now add a few more pictures of blocks from the Shasta Lilies.
Here are 54 pinwheels mixed colours.1/2 square triangles, strip blocks.A kite quilt kit from project linus,flying geese. Also orphan blocks.
More sets of butterfly  pinwheel blocks with matching 4 patch blocks of beautiful rich hues. also orphan blocks. I will be taking this whole box to Bendigo to a working bee tomorrow.
The box contained:
14 Sunbonnet Sue large applique blocks
16 butterfly pinwheels and matching 4 block set.
31 31/2" squareblock butterflies and bright colours to match butterfly pinwheel set.
38 matching pieced block, some signed,light grey ,greenish tint and light
12 miscellaneous  colours pinwheels
54 two stripe blocks
10 four-patch blocks
19 small half square triangle blocks
24 butterfly pinwheels and matching and matching 4 block set -matches those above.
1 pieced circle -batik
1 small 9-block cowboy centre block or mini wallhanging

18 medium sized solid blocks
13 Large sized solid blocks
3 large blocks joined                    These are all part of a set.
9 large blocks signe
4 large blocks joined and signed
4 large blocks unsigned
4 small star blocks

3 large blocks of the month
4 large complex multi pieced blocks
8 pieced butterflies.
2 small hand appliqued flower blocks,sewn together
11 large crazy quilt blocks
44 modern fabric block set
54 pinwheels -mixed colours
12 snowball blocks
12 large baby blocks
21 flannel baby blocks
8 cartoon character blocks
63 miscellaneous size and type blocks.
this comes to 517 blocks
Plus 125 Pre cut 2" squares, all brights intended to be kite tails with kite pattern and kit included
jan you and your Shasta Lilies have been marvelous.
Thank-yo,thank-you, thank-you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Shasta Lilies

The website is back up. Here is the first picture of some of the blocks from the Shasta Lilies box which was jam packed with fabulous blocks. We can see the 8 cartoon character blocks, 21 flannel baby blocks, 18 medium sized solid blocks.
Look at the hot air ballons on the fabric in the front, great for an eye spy quilt.
A full set of 40 butterfly pinwheels and matching 4 block set, 12 beautiful picture blocks of baby
These very cute sunbonnet Sue  blocks ready to make into a georgous quilt for a little girl.

These lovely blocks that will combine something like this.
These georgous pink and purple stars and miscelaneous blocksI think they have been put down as crazy quilt blocks.

Pieced butterfly blocks, little boy blocks and miscelaneous pieced blocks.

These lovely blue and yellow and cream blocks ,you can see the signature on some of them. There are 55 blocks of various sizes in this set..

A set of 38  grey -green and cream blocks made and signed by each member of the Shasta Lillies. Nine patch blocks enough to make a quilt.
There are 2 more pictures to go biut I am running late for a workshop. I will resume later today.
Thank-you ladies I am touched by your gift.

First flat pack from USA Arrived today

Yee Haw!! the first flat pack from the USA arrived to day from Jan Dahlke from team West.
All the blocks in this first box have been donated by Jan's local quilt guild The Shasta Lilies of Mt Shasta,California.I have taken group photos of the blocks received I will try to name them all as I go.
The darn uploader from Picassa is not working again.I will get up early in the morning and upload the pictures and talk about the blocks. I am soo excited they are beautiful.

The Gisborne Girls

I called into Gisborne to Quilters bazaar on my way to Melbourne and picked up some quilt tops made by the Wednesday girls.
This lovely green and raspberry rail fence quilt.

This pink,green and cream, rail fence quilt.The rail fence blocks were 121/2" but 3 strips of fabric,they are very nice,and have come together nicely.
This very nice star quilt that is a bit out of focus. I am not the best photographer in the world sorry folks.The star blocks are made out of plaids and is a really good boys or mans quilt.
This lap size quilt,we will put pink borders on to make it bigger,it is a sweet quilt.
This is a lovely large quilt in greens with the binding ready to go.Another nice job from the Gisborne girls.
Thank-you again for your support. I will bring you more blocks on Sunday .