Monday, June 13, 2011

giving out the quilts

On Thursday of last week the Carisbrook Lions Club gave a free communityin the warm room of the Maryborough THarness Racing Complex where we had our quilt showing.After a beautiful 3 course meal of pumpkin soup, A mixed meats roast of beef,lamb and ham on the bone with all the trimmings,and Apple struedel and cream and icecream. The flood committee ladies gave out the quilts to whmever was there to receive them.Following are som pictures.
Ladies unpacking the bags .The quilts are already sorted into streets and each street number has been alocated a quilt.From left to right ladiefirst 2 ladies names unknown ,then there is Trish Coutts,Narelle Harrison and Lyn Symons from the Flood Committee.
Recipients begin to mill around in anticipation.
Still getting organised.
One very happy lady with her quilt and one for her neighbour who is still not living in their home and was unable to attend.

More happy memories.

Someone is not so happy with the lovely quilt with dogs and cats on it.Maybe we can find something more colourful for her.
More smiles
How happy is he?

A very happy couple.

This happy recipient got her first choice. YAY!!

Truely happy family with a beautiful quilt.

I will leave more photos for next time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sunday being market day we decided for security reasons we should arrive at 8.00am So at about  7.45 am Trish and Jenny  rock up and get the tables set up and the doors open.I arrive a 8.05am and we get a coffee  8.10am the first visitor arrived and by 9.00 am we are busy.

Lyn Symons from the Flood Committee is chatting with a local and taking her number preferences  for the ballot later in the day,The quilts look stunning behind her.
My niece Lynette came to visit us with her three beautiful daughters from left to right Felicity(flick),Breanna and Llewellyn.They loved the quilts and wanted to take them all home.

Upon row of quilts .
Even one for the horse (not real). By 10.00 am they were lining up to come in and we think we would have had around 2,000 visitors for the day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally the show is here.

We all got up bright and early today Saturday and got to the venue,set ourselves up and people started to arrive. It is like the movie line ( Build it and they will come.) Well come they did. We had about 1000 visitors on our first day.
Lyn and Peter Stott from Mildura (about 6 hrs drive away),standing in front of one of the 50 YES 50 quilts she has quilted for us. Even doing custom work.Thankyou my friend.
Two of our wonderful statler sisters.Lyn King and Lyn Stott. Without the help of girls like these this project would not have been so very successfull.
through to the second room of quilts.
Still more quilts things look great. More tomorrow.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Setting up the showing.

I crossed my fingers tightly that we would get some help to set up,hoping as one does that people will really turn up., and voila!! we had 8 men and 16 women there to help .
Mary kaye 9 no not the cosmetics heiress LOL.) packing bags into her ute.
Three utes full of quilts from left to right: andy,Mary,Trish, Mary, and Bert.

Working out which way the stands go and pinning quilts together. As we do not have sleeves on them all we pinned them together at the top and draped them over the stands. Worked very well.
As you can see we had both young and older people all willing to help us.
More pinning in the front and stands going up in the back. Trish (in the front) was reduced to tears several times. She is having a battle with insurance and sustained a lot of damage.She is very uplifted by all the help received, and can't wait to receive a beautiful quilt.
Hanging the quilts. Will show the set up later on.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where to see our Quilt Show

Hi I have omitted to relate where our quilt show will be held and when .
So here is the information.
Maryborough Trotting Complex
Chaplans Road,
 contact Wilma on 0410044664
Saturday  4th and Sunday 5th June between 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.
Will show the setting up later.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Bags are Packed and I'm ready to go

How exciting. most of the quilts are labelled,numbered and packed in bags ready to go .

 About 25 bags altogether with aboute 270 quilts inside. 15 unbound quilts arrived back from a statler sister yesterday afternoon and we are now madly sewing on bindings. Even if they are not bound we will still show them. It will be about 2 weeks after that that we actually distribute the quilts. A team of us going door to door,street to street, to ensure that they are given to the correct recipients.
Some more finished quilts to entice you.

Do you by any chance recognise the red panel in the centre of this beautiful quilt with oriental influence s in the fabrics?
Or the appliqued rooster in the centre of this quilt. Other blocks from our "stash" were sourced with chickens and sunflowers . the green sashing and the outer border were purchased by the maker. This is a lovely big quilt,which someone will love.
Perhaps you recognise the centre of this quilt or the 4 corner blocks or the striped fabric border? A truely lovely quilt.I hope you like what we are doing with your kind and generous donations.cheers!!

Nearing the Climax of our Journey.

I am nearly at the climax of our journey. 2 sleeps until we set up the quilt show and then 2 days of the quilt show and after that we need to pass the quilts out. That will be a hard job to do.Making sure the quilts get into the right hands ,and all homes get one.We received 15 quilts back from a quilter at 3.30pm today which need binding by Friday 2 days away!!! I hope we are up to the task. We have obtained the use of a huge room at the trotting complex for free.A local carrier is picking up 150 quilt stands from Victorian Quilters Inc. and will take them back again for us. There is a big working bee on Friday to set up the stands and hang the quilts. As we do not have sleeves on them we will be pinning 2 quilts together back to back and draping them over the top.We have 298 quilts of varying size here ready. Poor Ineke from Tasmania has had a fall and hurt her wrist and shoulder and is unable to get here with the quilts made from the other 2 check points.We will get them late but never mind better late than never. We also have a raffle quilt and the tickets are selling themselves.  The proceeds will go to the local Lions club who will give us back all we need to cover our costs.I went on the local radio station today and spoke about the quilts for Carisbrook. It was a bit nerve racking but HEY someone had to do it