Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3D Threader

A few days ago  I have received a lovely gift in the mail from Penny of   Penny Quilts one of her great inventions known as the 3D Threader. Here is a link to a video. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1692136908527&oid=308076645450&comments
The parcel contained one 3D threader.
1 x 10 count pack of size 5 needles.
1 x "pick or knot" tool
1x gluestick
1x strip of black electrical tpe.
1 x video of how to use it.
Wow Penny.
I look forward to experimenting once I have these 300 odd quilts out of the way LOL.
Thank-you again

Monday, March 28, 2011

More thank-yous.

I need to say thank-you for some more cash donations.
Daisy Hill Community Hall  $300.00Shirley Dawes $50.00
Harry Postle $50.00
Ivan Postle  $20.00
Jenny Stewart  $90.00
Busy Bees craft Group   $320.00
A very big thank you to you all .This helped me to buy some new backings this week.
Also thank you to Star Track Express who have been carrying some packages to and from quilters for me. The help of Star Track Express is very much appreciated.
Spotlight Stores have donated  $30.00 gift voucher.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Garnet Rivera sends a box.

Today I received a box from Garnet Rivera.
It included these 3 lovely quilt tops with bindings.
Number 1
Number 2

Number 3
also these baby quilts.
Aren't they just the cutest?

Garnet hd some very special help while making some of the blocks below. here is a picture and the note Garnet sent to me.

Dear Wilma, My heart goes out to you and your friends. Here are some blocks,etc., to try to help. My 10 year old granddaughter Sophia came over  nd helped me with some.She is very community minded, and I am very proud of her. I included her picture with the blocks she made.... thought it might be fun for you to see a face of someone who helped.
It sure is nice to see Sophia's photo, and you have every right to be proud of her  Well done Sophia and thank-you very much.
These lovely mini sets of blocks were also included in the box. Thank-you Garnet,Sophia and helpers for a very nice and useful box of goodies.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Special Box from West/Textile Traditions

 Today I received a very special box from Jan Dahlke team west box #5.
 tThe first item on the top of the box was a note wrapped around a block that said  "special block for Wilma from Jan ". Jan said as I am a flood victim also I should make a special quilt for myself and here is a block to go in it. The block is called mountain sunrise and reminds Jan of where she lives. In the beautiful Shasta Valley. The fabrics chosen and the placement make this block really beautiful. Thank-you Jan I will treasure it.
This box is blocks collected from customers and friends of Textile Traditions.A quilt shop in the historic gold mining town of Weaverville,California. The shop owner is Sue Rhodes. Thank-you very much Sue for your efforts for us and the stories that go with some of the blocks.

5 large house blocks by ,4 large heart applique blocks donated by Mountain Village Quilters Junction City, California
Mauve and white blocks by Mountain village quilters, pinwheel blocks not signed.

Nice centre panel  made by Mountain Valley Quilters.

These blocks came with a nice note." These blocks have travelled across the U.S. and back since I made them in the 1980's - And I STILL haven't finished them...
Time for them to travel one last time- to Australia
signed Linda Himmell. thank-you Linda we will take good care of them.
4 nice large pieced centres.
The black and white blocks with raw edged circles and compass star circles are from Vallejo Piecemakers. 
The beautiful block in centre front,is from Sue Rhodes, of Textile Traditions ,Weaverville,C.A. It is titled.  Flood of Love. I will try to get a picture of it on its own to show off. i will keep it for my Special Quilt.
Thank-you Sue.
Placed in sets here are 61 large blocks from Bonnie Hamlett,Douglas City,CA.
Here is the note.
All of the blocks in these bundles pictured above were brought to the Textile Traditions quilt shop in Weaverville,California.by a customer Bonnie Hamlett.
These are very special blocks,because all the squares were made by her mom.When mum passed away,Bonnie kept them,thinking she would do something with them.Then when the request for blocks for Australia Flood Relief came in,Bonnie thought that's where these blocks should go, and that her mother would have wanted you to have them.
Bonnie has signed some of them on the back. Thank-you  Sue for the very special story and thank-you Bonnie for the lovely blocks.They will make some very special sampler quilts for some lucky recipients.

These 6 New York Beauty blocks photographed along side mine are made by the Vallejo Piecemakers. Aren't they georgous?
Lovely complete quilt top  no name attached.
These 2 blocks and notes advised me of 2 blocks one each domnated by Ethel Nixon Garcia and Tinky Nixon Garcea of Hoopa,C.A. USA. I photographed the letter for you all to read for yourselves. Thank-you Tinky and Ethel.
61/4 yards of fabric for backings or backgrounds from Jan Dhelke who has been very generous to our cause. Thanks again Jan.
As with all the others this was a very exciting box to open. I will be sorry when this part of our journey comes to an end as it must.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New boxes

Hello again. Today I received 3 boxes from  Arlene and 1 box from Sara.
I will just add some photos and hope you see your blocks. i will begin posting photos of some finished quilts made using blocks we have received  later this week.

There are some nice pieced blocks in this lot.

Nice star blocks, we all wished there were another dozen or more of those black,green and rust blocks .

We had a working bee at my studio Yesterday and here are some photos.

Lyn is sorting some blocks and collecting a pile to take home.the girls never go home empty handed.

Here is Sandra placing some blocks into tops in the foreground and Kaye sewing borders on tops in the background.
Val in the foreground is discussing colour ways and Caroline is listening on intently.
Val and Caroline again. Even my lovely big, airy,studio us getting a bit crowded. See all the rolls of batting and backings, in the background?

Now there are four of us rumonating over a lovely top  Lyn,Val,Caroline, and Wilma in the front.
Now back to some more donations
Lots more blocks.
And even more.The mauves and purples in the grass on the block in the front is georgous.
Now we have a selection of lovely big tops that came from Arlene.
This is a huge quilt made with Oriental fabrics.
A nice bright quilt with some kids prints in it.
A nice strippy quilt with some Christmas Toile on it.
This quilt has some great fabric in the picture blocks .They look like the founding fathers -and mothers-
There are cute green frogs jumping all over this quilt.
This quilt has hunting and fishing fabrics.Great for a man. Or an outdoorsy type woman.I know my daughter would love it.
These are a set of fabrics to make a chinese coin quilt and a snails trail quilt.Check out the banana slices.
Lots more lovely rail fence blocks. thanks Sara.
More great blocks. There is a set of the green stitcheries in the front. Very cute.
More lovely big tops from Arlene's collectors.
How about the fish on this quilt Nice one for a child.
A lovely Christmas top.
I can just see the feathers on this one now.
Greens and purples are one of my favourite combinations.
These beautiful tops and blocks will boost our quilt numbers considerably.Thank-you all.This fantasy quilt has unicorns prancing across it. A princess will just love it.
I received a package from Betty Swalling of Surrey Downs S.A. today with these lovely blocks for our project. Thank-you Betty and friends.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Macka's -Australia All Over

Today I have been emailed by several people,and also a couple of friends who I met in town today told me that they had heard about Quilts for Carisbrook on an Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) radio  programme  called  Macka's Australia all Over.I was not aware of it and I missed it so don't know what was said exactly,but I do understand that he said a good deal about the overseas help that is coming especially from the Statler siblings world wide. It is nice that the Statler Siblings are getting mentioned in the media for the help they are giving to us. You have taken us to your hearts.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anne Tribble

I received another box from the  Collection point manned by  Anne Tribble today.
There are 9 patch blocks,and embroidered blocks in this photo.
These house blocks will nake a great quilt.

These beaut maple leaf blocks have already been paired up with some smaller ones of similar colour way  and taken home to make a top.
More nice blocks to work with, these are fabric prints.
Lots of stars and flying geese in this lot.
More interesting blocks here the box seemed bottomless.LOL.

Pretty purples and batiks ,and some lovely strip pieced blocks in Autumn tones.
More blocks,what an eclectic mix they are.
And still more, some nice rail fence blocks in this lot.
I love this lot.There are some very patriotic blocks in it which will remind the recipient where the blocks came from.
Aren't the blocks in the bottom row stunning.They photographed very well.The rail fence blocks are a nice colour and the stars are also nice. There are enough of the 4 patch blocks to make a quilt centre.
Yet more blocks.
Last but not least from this box is another colourful array of blocks. I wish to thank all the ladies who put so much effort into these blocks for us and hope you recognise yours.