Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lyn Stott.

I have been asking for photos of the girls at their machines quilting for Carisbrook .Lyn who has already sent me back 23 quilts finally sent some pics. Here they are with her message.
On the table with backing and batting. Ready to quilt.
 This lot ready quilted and waiting for her big box to reurn them to me.
The finger poking through the hole in the pocket worn by picking out the scissors.I think I need to shout Lyn a new apron LOL.
Lyn Tinkering with "Gert". I believe Lyn custom quilted this cheater fabric to make a stunning quilt.
Here is her note to me.

Here are some pics for your blog.......There are 2 of me "hard at work" lol...Please take note of my fingers poking thru a hole in my apron.....the fabric has worn a hole in it, caused by how many times I have put my hand in my pocket to get my scissors lol..........the quilts in the box,and the quilts on top....are what I have finished this time around, plus the one on the loom.......the quilts on the table are what I still have to do.....with the one's I sent the one's I have now.....totals just over 50......and I have enjoyed every second of doing it.....well, best get back to work.....hope you are enjoying your Easter???????
thank-you Lyn for your support and friendship.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Email from Janet Chisholm

I had two e-mails from Janet Chisholm and she has given me permission to paste them here. thefirst one :

> Wilma,
> All-in-all, the whole experience of working with the Carisbrook
> project has been happy and fulfilling. There were the two clients who
> used to work together many years ago, lost touch, and met up again
> through this project. My quilt store collected blocks then came up
> with a fabric origami fundraiser for Japan. I think one project
> spawned the other. When I first planned to help, I figured a days
> worth of teaching would cover the mailing costs. Well, I've been
> educated since then, but because of the help from the guild and a
> quilter I had never met before, we were able to pay for the shipping.
> When the extra charge came, I was more than willing to make that be my
> donation. I'd say it all worked out pretty well, and was still less
> money than the post office would have charged.
> Knowing the time it took at this end, I am stunned at the thought of
> the work needed at your end, and I only worked 24/7 for one month.
> You and your quilt helpers are going to be at it for months. Have you
> distributed any quilts yet? I love seeing the finished quilts. How
> many quilts have you finished so far? I hope you're keeping track of
> the total numbers. Just drop a line in your blog some day. I'm sure
> other Sisters are interested to know these answers too.
> May the force of CS4 be with you.
> Janet.
 there are stories like this from all over of people joining together and helping others. If you have a story like this please e-mail me I would love to add it to the blog.

Janets second email tells of her cousin.Do you believe in cooncidence?
 Sure, use my e-mail if you like. It would be neat to point out
that the Colleen from Port Alberni in B.C. ,is my cousin and our
blocks coincidentally arrived independently in Australia at the same
time. I haven't seen her in 18 yrs. but heard through the family that
she was into quilting, too. I let her know about the project and she
got her stitching friends together.

Thanks for the update.

I successfully used the fill feature on CS4, after a few false
starts. I've been adapting one of Kim Diamond's E2E patterns into a
5.5" border, using divide. What thrills me is being able to see how
it sews using the F2 key for "virtual stitchout". What a treat.

Go and enjoy some Easter chocolate.

thank-you Janet and Colleen

Thursday, April 21, 2011

From South Korea and also from Janet and Angus Chisholm.

Hello first we have a beautiful finished quilt donated by the girls on the  U.S.Air Force Base at Soel South Korea. The fabrics are beautiful and the quilt delightful
  Below is the back of the quilt.
There was also this lovely finished top ready for quilting.thank-you to you all. This is the second package from the girls.Love the Giraffes!!
 Here is Janet with a finished quilt she made using some rail fence blocks donated.There are so many ways to use them isn't there?
 I received a box with a lovely card in it from Colleen of Port Alberni,B.C. Canada today.
inside was this lovely set of blocks 36 in each colourway,which will make a lovely quilt.
 also this lovely quilt top,backing and binding ready to go.
 Thank-you for your lovely note. We also have the saying "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" here in australia,and believe you me that is what we are having to do all over our beautiful country. Many people are thinking it is not so lucky at the moment. I know these gifts from the heart will make them feel much better.

Janet Chisholm had 3 very large boxes to send us from Canada,and checked out her options.
Janet opted to send her parcels (3 in all ) via air cargo. I arranged for Star Track Express to do custom clearance and deliver to me.there was a mix up in customs and the boxes sat there for about 2 weeks. Customs rang me and advised that there would be fees of $400.00 plus. Lois from Star Track Express got on the phone and the internet and about 30 hours later we have received all three packages with a total charge for Toll and Customs of $183.00 Angus then sent the $183.00 to me by pay pal. I am so very thankful for the support of Lois White of Star track Express for all her assistance. She also arranged for me to send off another three packages of tops, and backs. it is wonderful.
Here are the goodies from the boxes from Janet. there are some names on parcels so I will edit this tomorrow and add names to the photos where I can.

Once again thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My appologies for being off the air for a few days. The business of quilting both for my customers  and the flood quilts has left me drained and with no time for the computer,I haven't even played with CS4 yet. Sigh. but that will come. More later today.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working Bee.

 Jenny displaying a quilt top centre made from some lovely fishy blocks we received. i will get some Oceanica borders to put with this.
Organised chaos. Lucky someone knows what is going on LOL.As you can see it is afternoon tea.
It is amazing how much we achieved today. Bindings on 7 quilts,borders on another 7 several tops assembled,and about a dozen projects assembled.
Thanks girls.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B Daniels from Precious Moments.

I received a box in the mail today from B Daniels,Warwick,W.A. of Precious Moments.
It was chock a block full of beautiful quilt tops. Such as this one.
How cute is the mouse in the window? and all the cats?
All these quilts have fabric for binding included.

Thank-you again for these lovely tops and bindings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Southern Quilters Finishing School

Firstly I had Judy C from Talbot come over on Saturday and sewed borders on quilts for us and also took home 2 sets of blocks to make into tops. Thanks for giving up your Saturday Judy.

Along came a courier and delivered this huge box of 23 quilts returned from Lyn at Mildura. We have already bagun putting on the bindings. Lyn advises me she is now onto top # 28 oh boy. thanks again Lyn.

I received another package from Southern Quilters Finishing school today with lots

of lovely blocks. These have already been sorted into groups for sewing into tops. Mixed with some of our blocks that we already have.
In the package was a letter as follows:
Dear Wilma,
In addition to the orphan blocks that the members of Southern Quilters Finishing School have contributed to the people of Carisbrook we recently held a Sale Day of all kinds of items as a fundraiser. The money enclosed with the remaining blocks ( A cheque for $210.80c ) is as a result of that day.We would be pleased if this miney could go towards helping the quilters of your districtback on their sewing feet again.
With best wishes from the members of Southern Quilters Finishing School.
What a wonderful thought. Please convey our special thanks to all your members. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nancy Smith

I received a box from Arlene ( I think) with a note inside that read as follows:
Hi ,My sister Nancy Smith of Lake Forest,is a member of a machine quilting group for Statler Stitchers and told me you were collecting orphan blocks to send to Australian disaster vistims.I hope you find these useful and that the project is a success.
Emmy Moore. Decatur IL.

I know these will make up into some lovely quilts thanks to Emmy,Nancy and Arlene.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Team West boxes #6 and #7

Hello everyone. Here we have another 2 boxes from Jan Dhelke, of team west labelled beautifully as always.
I may have some of the photos mixed up although we do empty one box at a time I think sometimes the camera choosed the order. LOL.
The Vallejo Piecemakers sent another whole box of blocks and some overflow into another box. The Vallejo Piecemakers and the Shasta Lollies have been very generous to the project and I can't thank them all enough.

There are 103 mixed sampler blocks  mostly large sets in box #6 These are some of them.

How bright and cheerful these ones look.

These are some lengths of fabric including a piece of Jinny Beyer fabric for borders and backing.

My little fox terrier puppy Buster who knows he is not allowed in the studio but sneaks in sometimes when the door is open is hiding quietly under the table.There is some lovely fabric to go with the pink and green blocks for borders.

I can see there are many beautiful quilts in that lot.  The list reads
133 unsigned large rail fence blocks
103 mixed sampler blocks, most larger sets
1 embroidered rose block with poem.
Signed Blocks:
12 Large rail fence blocks signed by Mary Feely
3 Large ril fence blocks signed by Virginia Smith
2 Large rail blocks signed by Joyce Bainbridge
2 Large blocks signed by  Karen Springsteen,El Sobrante,California.
1 Large block signed by Sandy Jackson
7 Large panda blocks ,a set, signed by Elaine Glimme San Pablo, CA
20 Variety of miscelaneous fabric pieces and bits for sashing.
All from Vallejo  Piecemakers of Vallejo CA. in  box.#6

Box #7 17  12" set of black cross with white corner blocks
15 12" set churn dash red and white with boxes centre.(are they the card trick. I really like the way they are set)
2 x 12" holiday pieced blocks,Christmas and pumpkin
5 x 12" pieced lantern blocks
37 x 12" mixed samplers
1 x 12" yellow on white curved inset flower signed on back by Betty Jack
1 x 12' pieced Beauty signed by Casandra Lynn Hood ,of Benicia,CA
13 x Double thick yellow and stripes blocks
6 x Pieced Octogons
Total 97 from Vallejo Piecemakers in this box.

8 x 12" green and white with embellished and embroidered applique sunflower blocks made by Donna Lineberger
8 x 10' yellow and white embellished and embroidered applique animal blocks made by Donna Lineberger
11 x 10-12' specialty blocks, signed by Terry Lathrop of Weed, CA
22 x 12" hot colours sampler blocks
2 yards of misc fabric for binding etc.
5 yds of red plaid flannel fbric for backing
Total 49 plus yardage from Shasta Lily quilt guild.
I can't thank you all enough.