Friday, May 27, 2011

The Quilters Guild of Brooklyn.

I received a package this week of some beautiful blocks.
They were sent to me by Judy speezak,of The Quilters Guild of Brooklyn,NY. with a note:
Dear Wilma-
I am sending the enclosed blocks made by me and a number of other members of the quilters guild of Brooklyn (New York. We hope that they help you with your project.
With our blessings,

thank-you very much Judy we will certainly be able to make some lovely quilts with them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good News

I have spoken to Denise at Victorian Quilters Inc. today and there are 150 stands available. A wonderful local carrier  Hutchins and Rowles have agreed to bring the pallet of stands from Melbourne on Thursday week and return them to the factory on the following Monday. I spoke to the local radio station today  Goldfields FM. I will be doing a slot on community radio next Wednesday afternoon.They will also plug the show during the week. The Mercury have put in a bit today advertising the show.The Maryborough Advertiser are doing an editorial on the quilts and the upcoming show. Bendigo advertiser is hopefully putting in an editorial also.So far so good.

Here are a few more finished ,labelled,and numbered quilts
That is Denise busy organising a number for the front.

A beautiful big quilt with unicorns on it.
Rail fence quilt.
I will keep adding a few each day for a while,but when we have finished I will post a photo of every quilt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My dear friend ( We have become so over the internet),sent me a lovely email today jently reminding me that you all are sharing my journey.I have been lax in not keeping up the blog by writing at least something.  Every day is so full at the moment.
So little time .so much to do. I have to get someone to make up a display of our journey yet. Maybe using a box of blocks some unfinished pieces ,some finished tops,photos and writing. I will try to organise that tomorrow. It looks like we will be draping the quilts over clothes no stands available.sigh!! they have been booked for months. Well they will still look great. May have just a few from Bendigo.I have had 5 girls here today and 7 yesterday making bindings and sewing them on and adding labels.We have 12 to take to Busy Bees tomorrow. Last count today on hand we have 212 completed quilts, 14 to bind,some coming back tomorrow completed,10 coming by star track express completed on Friday. Still have  to get 17 from Kay , 18 from Libby ,15 from Kaye , 5 from Donna,5 from Glenda( who will probably bring them with her). So target nearly reached. Ineke will bring hers with her and we have 40 from Jenny Bacon. Mission nearly acomplished.
We are also running a raffle of a beautiful quilt to help raise money for the backing and batting,etc.. The kit was donated by Rhonda Wilkins of Riddells Creek,Victoria,and pieced by Sandra Rayner of Maryborough. It has been quilted by Deep Creek Quilting (me). and bound by Sandra.Here is a photo of it before quilting.

Some completed quilts do you recognise any of the blocks ?

Have to go and put on the roast spuds.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kay Czochara ( nee Whitmore)

I received a lovely card from Kaye in the mail on Friday. Kay is the sister of Mary Kaye (See post May 9th ) , who donated the lovely quilts
she says:
 " I have a very strong family connection to Carisbrook and feel for those residents devastated by the floods"
. It is wonderful to have so much support from those who used to live in or near Carisbrook and or who have family ties to our area. Thank-you again Kaye for the quilts you have given us and the lovely note of support.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Judy Hansford.

I Had a lovely letter from Judy Hansford of Kangaroo Flat. Victoria asking if we would like a completed quilt . Would we what!!! Then I received this georgous quilt made using Moda fabrics range Urban Couture and professionally quilted .
Thank-you very much Judy. This lovely quilt will be much appreciated.

Local Donation

Mary Kaye who lives in one of the few homes on the high and dry side of Carisbrook gave me a call then stopped by with these 4 lovely lao quilts made and quilted  and donated by her sister.

Lots of work have gone into these lovely quilts.Look how small the pieces are. Thank-you very much.
Then Mary produces this quilt

Which was made and hand quilted by Mary herself.This is a bed sized quilt someone is going to love it Mary.Thank-you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maldon Girls

I went to the Maldon quilt show at Easter and there was a display of some tops made for the Quilts for Carisbrook project out of blocks donated by the USA
Pictured with some of the quilt tops are from left to rightChris Gibb, Debbie Mc Donald,and Janet Williamson. There are 2 patchwork groups that worked on tops for us in Maldon and at last count 32 tops have been made up. Beautiful Job ladies.Thank-you. I was also given a donation of $5.00 left at the show by Norma Jacka as a contribution to our costs. Thank-you to Norma.
The Maldon quilt show had some beautiful quilts on display and was a pleasure to visit. If you are in the area next Easter be sure to pay the quilt show a visit.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back again

I have been very busy this last week with Easter and famoily and also still organising  Quilts for Carisbrook. I will have help from Iris tomorrow to box up 25 tops abd backs and a roll of wadding for Lisa Schirrmer to quilt 10  backing wadding and btops for Gayle, and 4 sets for Sherrie.These will go off by courier on Tuesday. I am striving to get as many s possible back by the end of May to have the display and the handover. It is very exciting. I am almost out of backing and will need to organise more.The girls are getting tires but as Jan from Shsta Valley said  there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not the train !!!
I will upload some pictures tomorrow.