Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sunday being market day we decided for security reasons we should arrive at 8.00am So at about  7.45 am Trish and Jenny  rock up and get the tables set up and the doors open.I arrive a 8.05am and we get a coffee  8.10am the first visitor arrived and by 9.00 am we are busy.

Lyn Symons from the Flood Committee is chatting with a local and taking her number preferences  for the ballot later in the day,The quilts look stunning behind her.
My niece Lynette came to visit us with her three beautiful daughters from left to right Felicity(flick),Breanna and Llewellyn.They loved the quilts and wanted to take them all home.

Upon row of quilts .
Even one for the horse (not real). By 10.00 am they were lining up to come in and we think we would have had around 2,000 visitors for the day.

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  1. The show looks fabulous - congratulations on all your hard work.