Monday, June 13, 2011

giving out the quilts

On Thursday of last week the Carisbrook Lions Club gave a free communityin the warm room of the Maryborough THarness Racing Complex where we had our quilt showing.After a beautiful 3 course meal of pumpkin soup, A mixed meats roast of beef,lamb and ham on the bone with all the trimmings,and Apple struedel and cream and icecream. The flood committee ladies gave out the quilts to whmever was there to receive them.Following are som pictures.
Ladies unpacking the bags .The quilts are already sorted into streets and each street number has been alocated a quilt.From left to right ladiefirst 2 ladies names unknown ,then there is Trish Coutts,Narelle Harrison and Lyn Symons from the Flood Committee.
Recipients begin to mill around in anticipation.
Still getting organised.
One very happy lady with her quilt and one for her neighbour who is still not living in their home and was unable to attend.

More happy memories.

Someone is not so happy with the lovely quilt with dogs and cats on it.Maybe we can find something more colourful for her.
More smiles
How happy is he?

A very happy couple.

This happy recipient got her first choice. YAY!!

Truely happy family with a beautiful quilt.

I will leave more photos for next time.

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