Saturday, June 4, 2011

Setting up the showing.

I crossed my fingers tightly that we would get some help to set up,hoping as one does that people will really turn up., and voila!! we had 8 men and 16 women there to help .
Mary kaye 9 no not the cosmetics heiress LOL.) packing bags into her ute.
Three utes full of quilts from left to right: andy,Mary,Trish, Mary, and Bert.

Working out which way the stands go and pinning quilts together. As we do not have sleeves on them all we pinned them together at the top and draped them over the stands. Worked very well.
As you can see we had both young and older people all willing to help us.
More pinning in the front and stands going up in the back. Trish (in the front) was reduced to tears several times. She is having a battle with insurance and sustained a lot of damage.She is very uplifted by all the help received, and can't wait to receive a beautiful quilt.
Hanging the quilts. Will show the set up later on.

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