Friday, October 7, 2011

People say thanks!!

Here is a lovely photo of one of the given quilts on the bed of the recipient.
This is a note that accompanied it.
Dear Wilma,

I asked Lyn Symons for your contact details some time ago as I wanted to write to you.

Unfortunately I put the note with your email address in a "safe" place and until this week, when I have been on holidays and have had a little bit of spare time, had been unable to locate it.

I wanted to thank you so very much for the lovely quilt that we received after the floods. I had not expected to receive a quilt as there were so many others much worse off than we were.

Narelle Harrison actually gave me the quilt at work one morning and receipt of such a beautiful gift reduced me to tears. For me it was the positive turnaround point after a run of bad luck that we had been having.

The quilt has pride of place on our bed and is frequently admired.

Once again thank you for your involvement in this wonderful project. I am sure everyone is as appreciative as we were.

I will post more as I get time .We have had many cards and notes of thank-you and I understand some people have even written to the address on  a quilt block on their quilt.( USA address).

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